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source: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/

A collection of public information on SANDARS that still needs to be related to known family members. Can anyone help? mr-sandars@sandars.org.uk

  • Will of Jonathan Sandars alias Sanders, Batchelor of Northaw, Hertfordshire
    05 March 1739

  • Will of Ann Sanders otherwise Sandars, Widow of Kidlington , Oxfordshire
    02 November 1792

  • Will of Mary Sanders or Sandars, Widow of Saint James Clerkenwell , Middlesex
    11 October 1763

  • Will of Mary Sanders otherwise Sandars
    09 July 1802

  • Will of Hannah Sanders otherwise Saunders otherwise Sandars of Dinton , Buckinghamshire
    22 April 1807

  • Will of George Saunders otherwise Sandars, Servant of Nettlecombe , Somerset
    03 September 1835

  • Will of Francis Sandars, Gentleman of Leamington , Warwickshire
    27 February 1855

  • Medal card of  Sandars, S E
    Corps: Royal Fusiliers
    Rank: Lieutenant/Temporary Captain

  • Medal card of  Sandars, F M
    Corps: Royal Munster Fusiliers
    Rank: Second Lieutenant

  • Medal card of  Sandars, F M
    Corps: Royal Munster Fusiliers
    Rank: Second Lieutenant

  • Medal card of  Sandars, Alfred
    Corps: Army Ordnance Corps
    Regiment No: 23012
    Rank: Private

  • Medal card of  Sandars, William E S
    Corps: Durham Light Infantry
    Regiment No: 80845
    Rank: Corporal...

  • Medal card of  Sandars, William
    Corps: Derby Yeomanry
    Regiment No: 2258
    Rank: Private...

  • Medal card of  Sandars, Samuel Edgar
    Corps: Royal Fusiliers
    Rank: Captain...

  • Medal card of  Sandars, Stuart
    Corps: Army Ordnance Corps
    Regiment No: T/811
    Rank: Staff Serjeant

  • Medal card of  Sandars, Richard F
    Corps: Royal Army Medical Corps
    Regiment No: 5
    Rank: Private...

  • Medal card of  Sandars, James E
    Corps: Army Service Corps
    Regiment No: M2/149504
    Rank: Private

  • Medal card of  Sandars, Harold W
    Corps: Norfolk Regiment
    Regiment No: 41471
    Rank: Private

  • Medal card of  Sandars, Herbert G
    Corps: Tank Corps
    Regiment No: 316654
    Rank: Private

  • Medal card of  Sandars, Edmund Thomas
    Corps: Army Service Corps
    Rank: Temporary Lieutenant...

  • Medal card of  Sandars, E C
    Corps: Royal Field Artillery
    Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

  • Medal card of  Sandars, C L
    Corps: Australian Wireless Squadron
    Rank: Captain

  • Medal card of  Sandars, Arthur S
    Corps: Royal Army Medical Corps
    Regiment No: 126
    Rank: Private

  • Medal card of  Sandars, Arthur
    Corps: Royal Field Artillery
    Regiment No: 204880
    Rank: Driver

  • Bucks (Stu), Phyllis Sandars, 13, 

  • Derby (Heanor), Charlotte Sandars, 28, 
    Derby (Heanor), John Sandars, 27, Butcher Shopkeeper
    Derby (Heanor), Nellie Sandars, 4,

  • Derbyshire (Alderwasley), Sarah Sandars, 49, 
    Derbyshire (Alderwasley), John Sandars, 39, Farmer
    Derbyshire (Alderwasley), Agnes Sandars, 11, 
    Derbyshire (Alderwasley), Norah Sandars, 8, 

  • Derbyshire (Crich), John Sandars, 73, Farmer
    Derbyshire (Crich), Mary Sandars, 71, 
    Derbyshire (Crich), Sarah Sandars, 19, 
    Derbyshire (Crich), Reginald Sandars, 1, 

  • Derbyshire (Ible), Eliza Sandars, 42, 

  • Flintshire (Connahs Quay), Hendry Sandars, 20, Shoe Maker

  • Kent (), Elizabeth Sandars, 29, 

  • Kent (Sittingbourne), Emma Sandars, 52, 
    Kent (Sittingbourne), George Sandars, 51, Engineer Boiler Maker
    Kent (Sittingbourne), Joseph Sandars, 28, Boiler Maker
    Kent (Sittingbourne), Beatrice Sandars, 20, 
    Kent (Sittingbourne), Kate Sandars, 20, 
    Kent (Sittingbourne), Thomas Sandars, 18, Wheelwright Apprentice
    Kent (Sittingbourne), Rosa Sandars, 16, Dressmaker Apprentice
    Kent (Sittingbourne), Eliza Sandars, 14,

  • Lincoln (Brauncewell), Edith Sandars, 16, Housemaid Domestic

  • London (Kensington), Virginia Sandars, 73, Living On Own Means
    London (Kensington), Elizabeth Sandars, 64, Living On Own Means
    London (Kensington), Francis Sandars, 33, Solicitor
    London (Kensington), Eleanor Sandars, 29, 
    London (Kensington), Alys Sandars, 27, 
    London (Kensington), Katherine Sandars, 25, 

  • London (St Georges Hanover Sq), A Sandars, 59, Housemaid Domestic

  • London (Streatham), William Sandars, 38, Woollen Merchant Clerk
    London (Streatham), Sophia Sandars, 37, 
    London (Streatham), Dorothy Sandars, 6, 
    London (Streatham), Marion Sandars, 3, 
    London (Streatham), Ida Sandars, 1month,  

  • Nottingham (), John Sandars, 22, Hairdresser Assistant

  • Oxford (Minster Lovell), Richard Sandars, 72, Farmer Allotment
    Oxford (Minster Lovell), Mary Sandars, 68, 

  • Warwickshire (Foleshill), Hannah Sandars, 26, Housework
    Warwickshire (Foleshill), Samuel Sandars, 25, Miner Hewer

  • Yorkshire (Ecclesall), John Sandars, 50, Brass ...Maker