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with kind permission of J. Edward Sandars Esq.

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Chapterpdf File to downloadAdditional resources
Foreward457 kb
I The First Millenium956 kb
II Surrey and the Sanders547 kbJpg "memorial to Nicholas & Alys" (1.45MB)
III A Cunning Lettered Traitor594 kb
IV A Towne of his called Ireton483 kbJpg "Sir Thomas Sanders" (54kb)
V The Liverpool to Manchester Railway991 kb
VI The New Man797 kb
VII Justinian and the Emperor of Mexico430 kb
VIII A Harpoon in the side of Free Trade717 kb
IX An Edwardian childhood361 kb
X A Lady Biographer506 kb
Appendix 1 A brief chronology47 kb
Appendix 2 Authors and their main subjects51 kb
Appendix 3 Bibliography60 kb
Appendix 4 A Shortened Genealogical tree225 kb